Where Do Cashews Come From? – A Local Thai Story

Where Do Cashews Come From?

Have you ever wonder where do cashews come from?

Here is a little story of the tiny cashew nuts. My dad will show you all about it 🙂

The Story

Here is a short script I wrote for this video. Incase you don’t like watching the video and prefer to read.


This is my Dad, he is an expert in living with the nature, today he will be telling you the story of the relationship between cashew nut and The Southern Thai people, like himself.

my dad

Here is the cashew nut tree, it grows very tall, like mango tree. It has green leaves that is edible, actually, the leaves is very tasty and goes so well with spicy curry.

cashew tree

And here is the cashew nut. Each nut grows individually and it’s attached to cashew fruit. The fruit is edible, also, it has a strong and distinctive aroma, similar to jackfruit. The fruit has sweet and bitter flavour, Southern Thai people cook them in many different ways such as spicy salad.

Let’s take a look at the tiny cashew now. You can collect them by picking them off the fruit and let them dry in the sun for a couple of days, to get rid of the sap.

My dad is going to show you how to toast cashew nut in a traditional way.

First, you will need to get coconut leaves. It’s has to be coconut leaves because the leaves give a wonderful aroma after it’s burn.

my dad

Next, you can lay out the cashew nuts on the sand, on a beach, nicely, you want to make it nice and straight because it will be easier when you flip them later on.

Lit a fire on one of the leaves and cover the nut with the fire for a couple of minutes.

Flip the nuts and repeat the same method to cook the other side of the cashew.

Now that our cashew is well toasted, let break out their shell.

And here is the freshly toasted cashew nuts. It tastes so much better than pan toasted cashew, if you ever have a chance, you must give it a try.

My dad, he is an expert in living, he will be back next time, to tell you more story about how to live and eat like a local Southern Thai’s.