The South East Asian Kitchen Basic cooking sauces

The South East Asian Kitchen Basic cooking sauces

Have you ever wonder about all the sauces that is available in Asian Store? You may be curious about how to use them, you might want to try them out but don’t really what to use it for and what they taste like?

In South East Asian Cuisine we use many sauces to add flavour to our food. Today I’m writing a short description about the basic sauces that I personally always have in my kitchen.


The South East Asian Kitchen Basic cooking sauces

1)Dark Sweet Soy Sauce: Used mainly for adding colour to the dish. It’s sometimes used as a dipping sauce ( In Chinese cuisines)

2)Oyster Sauce: Used in some stir-fry dishes to enhance flavour and it gives thickness consistancy.

3)Fish Sauce: Used for adding salty flavour to some dish. It’s special because it gives the dish hidden aroma. Fish sauce smell very strong if you smell it directly but it taste great in food.

4)Fermented soy bean paste: This one is not very common to use if you are not Thai but it’s one of my favourite to put in many stir-fry dishes! Great with seafood and other Asian greens (Stir-fry veg). It’s often go as a duo with ginger. So I have to introduce it to you guys ?

5)Flavoured Soy Sauce: Also not very common outside of Thailand. It’s used in many marinate recipes. Great with chicken beef and pork.

6)The famous Soy Sauce: Yes, it’s that Soy Sauce that we always talk about. This brand is my all time favourite. It’s mainly has the salty taste and the aroma that will enhance many dishes in South East Asia. You can use them in stir-fry dish, soup. marinate or as a dipping sauce. When you use it in a dish, make sure to not put too much because the aroma and flavour and over powering your dish