Thai noodles

Thai Noodles – Different types of Thai Noodles explained

Different kinds of Thai noodles

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Today it’s all about noodles.

Thai noodles have many different styles and each type is used for a certain dish. Just like pasta, you have may types, from flat, thin, large and small.  Today, I’m going to tell you all about different kinds of Thai noodles and how to use them.

Types of Thai Noodles

There are mainly 3 types of noodle and they are egg noodles, rice noodle, and glass noddle (also known as xylophone noodles). Rice noodle are vegan, gluten free. It’s made from rice flour. On the other hand, egg noodle is made from egg and wheat flour. Lastly Glass noodle is made from mung bean flour, it’s also vegan and gluten free.

3 types of Thai noodles

Let’s begin with their name

Thai noodles name

From top left we have….

เส้นข้าวซอย Flat egg noodle เส้นจันทร์ Sen-Jun or it’s also known as Pad Thai noodles, then we have  Small rice noodle, วุ้นเส้น woonsen – glass noodle, บะหมี่ ba-mee thin egg noodle, เส้นหมี่ vermisilli, เส้นใหญ่ sen-yai Flat large noodle, เส้นขนมจีน Sen-Kanom Jean noodle, fresh, sticky, rice noodle

Now, I want to show you how we use each kinds of these noodle in Thai cooking.

เส้นข้าวซอย Is Specifically for (kao Soi dish)

Kao Soi curry noodle soup, originally from the North of Thailand. To cook this kind of noodle, simply put them in boiling water for about 1 minute.

Kao soi noodle is mostly fresh, it will stay in the fridge for a week but you can freeze the noodle and it will live for a few months.

เส้นจันทร์ Sen-Jun or Pad Thai noodle

This is one of the most popular noodles internationally. Pad Thai noodles are flat rice noodles, about 5 mm wide. Most of the time, it comes in a dry form. However, if you live in Thailand you can find fresh one in the market. To cook Pad Thai noodle, soak them in water until soften. The time is really depending on the brand you use. Some get soft very quicky, only take 30 minutes, some can take up to hours or don’t get soft at call. If in that case, you may want to blanch it lightly before use. I recommend you to use the same brand so you won’t have to keep experimenting every time you are making Pad Thai.

Small rice noodle

Small rice noodle เส้นเล็ก about 3 mm wide – commonly use in noodle soup.

วุ้นเส้น woonsen – glass noodle.

This one is another unique one. You can use glass noodle in soup,salad and stir-fry.  The texture of glass noodle is light, sticky and gooey. It’s popular among ladies because it has lower calories.

บะหมี่ ba-mee thin egg noodle

Next is บะหมี่ ba-mee thin egg noodle. is commonly eaten dry or in soup. The dry version popularly served with cha-sew pork.

Then we have เส้นหมี่ vermicelli and, เส้นใหญ่ Sen-Yai Flat noodle is used in noodle soup and stir-fry like Pad-se-ew Stir-fry noodle with soy sauce.


Lastly, kanom-jeen. Kanom-jean is a kind of noodle served with curry such as green curry. In different parts of Thailand have their own style of curry to serve with Kanom-jeen noodle. It’s popular among the Thais but not so much internationally.

That is it guys! Now you know all about Thai noodles! Next week I’m sharing Thai noodle recipes so Let me know what is your favourite noodle dishes in the comment below.

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