Thai Jaggery Sugar – A Non-refined sugar by Farmily

Thai Jaggery Sugar is a common kind of sweetener to use in Thai Cuisine, both for sweet and savoury dishes. In the pass, it was all naturally made by the local people of Phetchaburi province, Thailand. However, Jaggery sugar has becomes demanding in the market today, therefore, it’s now mass produced by big companies. Thus, it gets refined to last longer and increase the volume by adding refined sugar cane to be able to supply the demand of commercial markets.

Although, Thai people are lucky to have Local Produce community who preserves the natural goods and keep the production in a traditional way. It’s not only sustainable for the nature and the environment but it’s also beneficial for the consumer health.

About Farmily Phetchaburi

I would like to introduce to you to Farmily, an organic Thai jaggery sugar farm of Phetchaburi, Thailand.

Farmily Phetchaburi, has been producing natural jaggery sugar for over 50 years. The tradition is passed on from generation to generation until nowadays.

They still produce the sugar in the most traditional way, by using the clay stove and charcoal. Every step of making the sugar, they put a lot of attention and care, therefore, their product is high quality and very tasty.

About Jaggery Sugar

Jaggery palm produces sugar seasonally. Every year, the farmer will harvest the sugar from January to June. It’s the end of the rice farming season, thus the farmers switch from rice farming to make jaggery sugar.

Each month, the palm tree produces different amounts of sugar. It depends on the weather and water that is available in each year. From February to April is the most productive months to collect highest quantity and the best quality of Jaggery sugar.

To make Jaggery sugar is not just about cutting the trunk of the tree and putting the sugar inside bamboo bottles. It requires good skills of climbing, how to deal with bees (sharing the sugar and not chasing them away) and also how to cook the sugar to the perfection.

Here is a video of how to make Jaggery Sugar – By Farmily

Today, Farmily sells their Jaggery sugar online to be able to give the sugar to every kitchen as they want everyone to have good sugar to cook for their loved ones at home. The project name is ” A kitchen, a kilogram of Sugar ”

What are the dishes that is good for Jaggery Sugar?

Here are few recipes for you to try and cook with Jaggery sugar

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Here are links to Farmily pages and website, if you would like to order their homemade sugar and other goods 😀

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2 Website น้ำตาลโตนด