Thai chilies

Thai chilies – How many kinds are there?

Thai chilies – How many kinds are there?

DAY #3 – Different kinds of Thai Chili/ How to use/ How to

In this post I will write about

  1. Thai chilies, the important element in Thai cuisine
  2. How to use each type of chili in Thai Food
  3. How to store chili

Thai Chilies have different usage and different flavour. Some are used to add colour to a dish and some are used for spiciness purposes.

You can see in each images below the post, to see their name and how they look.

Thai Chilies

In this post a will break down the chili types so you can see that actually there are easy to remember and understand their flavour.

Types of Common chilies used in Thai cuisine, from less spicy to the most spicy:

  1. Bang Chang chili – The largest kind and common used in curry paste. It’s mild – very low heat, mostly use for adding colour and volume to curry paste. It must be dry first. The length is 12-13cm with 1.5cm width
  2. Prink Yuak Chili – Has light green colour and commonly use in chicken stir-fry dish. It has a mild flavour.
  3. Jinda Chili – Commonly used in restaurant and available in many countries. It has spicy flavour. It’s use for both spiciness and to add colour. It’s used dried and fresh. Dry version mostly use for chili powder and use to add spiciness to curry paste. Fresh version is used in stir-fry, spicy sauces and in curry paste
  4. Bird-eye Chili – Is very hot, fresh and aromatic. It’s poplular among local people but it’s too spicy for everyone else. Another name of the Bird-eye chilies that people likes to call is mouth-drop chilies, to describe the level of spiciness. We use this type of chili in all dishes such as stir-fry, sauces, or even eat it fresh with dishes that are greasy or heavy in protein. Dry version of Bird-eye chilies also use for making chili powder and Southern Curry paste; Gang-some or sour curry.
  5. Gareang Chili – This guy is the hottest one and it’s only use among local Thais as well. It’s use in Sour Curry Paste and other local dishes.All right! This is all about Thai Chili! isn’t it simple ?

How to store Chilies

  1. Clean the chilies very well and take out the one that is soft and looks like it’s going to go off soon.
  2. Dry the chilies on a dry towel, let it sit their fo about 10-15 minutes.
  3. Pick the green top part out.
  4. Store the chilies in a dry container with a paper towel wrapping around them. This method will last your chilies for a few weeks.

    Note* If you don’t find chilies very often, you can buy a whole lot and cleaning the same way I above, and freeze them.

Thai chilies gallery

I hope this information is useful for you guys, if you have read to the end, please give me some comment about which chili you want to try the most? and if you would like to receive a course summary at the end of each week, please feel free to sign-up here