Pana Napa Thai Curry Kit – Full set


Pana Napa Curry Kit

My curry kit is suitable for those of you who wants to learn how to make Thai food but doesn’t have access to ingredients. Pana Napa Curry kit is made with fresh herbs and spices from Thailand, which allow you to experience authentic flavour without having to go around and look for tropical herbs and spices.

After you purchase the product I will send you an invitation link and direct you to my curry private group. In the group you can get access to recipes and curry cooking classes, teach by me. If you have any questions, you can post it on the group and I will be there to answer you, or our friends in the group will help answering the questions. You also welcome to share your curry creations!

I’m looking forward to seeing you in our community!




Thai curry paste from Pana Napa kitchen

Local Thai-style recipe

Pana Napa curry paste is made in Thailand with fresh herbs. It’s easy and convenient to use. You can add the curry paste and cook up the dish within 15 minute. Suitable for those of you who love Thai food but doesn’t have access to Thai ingredient in you area. It’s easy to use with a few simple steps instruction, it’s perfect if you just started your journey to cook Thai cuisine.

My curry paste can stay for up to 10 months in a cool dry place. After open the package, keep refrigerate and consume within 1 week.

You can find many creative recipes on my website and also on my facebook group.


Product specifications

• Made with fresh herbs in Thailand

• No added artificial flavour or colour

• No added preservative

• Vegan

• No sugar added

• Get access to Thai curry cooking classes (within private group)

• Get access to private Thai curry community.

Spiciness level (from 1-5)

The curry comes in 8 packs of 100g(2 of each: Massaman, Panang, Red, Green). This will allows you to use 1 package at a time, which will allow the curry paste to stay fresher in other closed packages.

Additional information

Weight 0.8 kg


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