Sour Mango plate

Kapi Woa – Southern Thai-style Sour Mango Dipping Sauce

Kapi Woa – The Soutern Thai Sour Mango Dipping Sauce

First of all, I have to write this post because this dish is my favourite! It’s a typical Southern Thai snack. Yes, snack. We eat fruits as a snack and everything sweet and savoury. Wait and let me explain to you below how it works.

Short story of Kapi Woa

Kapi Woa came from the south of Thailand. The ingredients consist of Grilled shrimp paste, coconut sugar, chilies, fish sauce and shallots.

Shrimp paste and coconut sugar is common ingredinets from Southern Thai, in-fact, if. you are going to get these ingredients, you need to get it from here because they produce by local and you will get high quality product.

Kapi Woa is a duo of the sour mango. However, it’s not for any kind of mango. It’s specifically for Ma Muang Bao Mango. This kind of mango also very special, you can only find it in the south of Thailand. Although in the supermarket these day they also provide them but they are not as good as having it fresh from the local market. You can also grow the tree at your house but it’s not very common ( I have one in my backyard though).

What is more special is that this type of mango only come in season. It’s not that you can eat it all year round. So, every time it’s the season I always get over excited and I would literally eat it as though it’s my dinner.

Long story short, Kapi woa is a local Thai snack. It’s a wonderful dish if you really want to get into a very local style food. I have to say that there are lots of shrimp paste inside so some of you may find it quite fishy.

Let’s take a look at how to prepare this dish

Start with getting banana leaves. We need banana leaves to wrap shrimp paste and grill it. Banana leaves will add wonderful aroma to the shrimp paste and to over all dish. If you don’t have banana leaves, it’s ok to use foil instead.

Cut banana leaves

Once I cut the leaves. I then clean it with a damp towel. We will need banana leaves for platting also, so make sure to clean a big piece.

Clean banana leaves

Put 1 1/2 shrimp paste on the inside of banana leaf piece.

put shrimp paste on banana leaf

Wrap it into parcel shape.

Wrap into parcel

Grill shrimp paste for approximately 7 minutes.

Grill shrimp paste
Chop shallots
Slice 10 small shallots
Chop chilies
Slice 20 bird-eye chilies
Melt sugar and shrimp paste
Melt 1 1/2 Tbsp coconut sugar with grilled shrimp paste
Stir well
Stir until everything blend well
Add chilies and shallots
Add shallots and chilies
Cut mangos
Cut mangoes
Sour Mango plate
Serve on a plate with dipping sauce in the middle

And the dish is ready!

I hope you enjoy learning about Thai local style food. This dish is quite epic for people who are not familiar with local style food. The flavour is strong and also the aroma. If you ever going to try making this one. I would be super impressive! but I also don’t mind if you may not like the taste if the dish. Please let me know in the comments if you think you might be trying this dish one day? I’m curious 🙂

Last but not least….

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