Coriander root and leaf

How to Store Coriander Roots and Leaf

Hi again from Pana Napa Kitchen!

Coriander root is the Gem for Thai Kitchen! Yes, everyone agree right? That’s why we need to learn how to store Coriander Roots and Leaf

When I was working in Europe, it was quite difficult to find coriander with its root. Every time I found it, I would get very excited and buy as much as possible to store in my Kitchen. However, coriander is very fragile and rotten very quickly, so, once I bought them, I would clean them and store them in a proper way directly. No keeping them in the fridge for a day or two before sorting them out. 

I decided to write about Coriander/roots because I have got a few friends asking for tips and tricks on how to keep them as long as possible. 

There are many different way to keep them. I use all of the methods depend on the condition of the kitchen that I’m working in, the country, and access to the market. 

In this post I will be guiding you:

  1. How to clean and prepare coriander for storage
  2. 3 different ways to store coriander roots. 


How to clean and prepare coriander for storage

First thing first, I would identify whether my coriander is properly cleaned (usually from the package).  If the coriander is clean and kept in a package, it’s ready to be stored. If you buy from a fresh market and you see soy, mud or dirt sticking to the root or leaf, you will need to: 1) Rinse the leaves with fresh water 2) Rinse the root with fresh water and brush the root lightly with tooth brush or your veggie brush.

After rinsing the coriander, you will want to make sure to pat them lightly to dry or leave them to dry before storage.


3 different ways to store coriander roots

1).  Store Coriander root and leaf in the fridge. This is the most common method to use and the best taste. But, if you don’t consume it fast enough it will go off quicker than other method of storing. 

The best way to store coriander in the fridge

  1. Cut the root and the stem part to separate the green section and to root. You want to separate them because the green and the root have different life time. The green contains a lot of water content and therefore it’s mostly get rotten earlier than the root. 
  2. In a clean and dry container, place paper towel/ kitchen roll at the bottom of the container. Place the leaf inside of the container in a thin layer. Place another paper towel on the top and keep doing until reaching the top of the container. Don’t press or try to put too much inside. Do the same with coriander roots in another smaller container. 
  3. Close the box and store in vegetable section of the fridge. Check the paper towel everyday. If it’s damp, change it. This method will allow your coriander leaf last at least 4-5 days or even a week longer than usual. 


Freeze coriander root in the freezer

Freezing coriander root in the freezer is another great way to keep the root fresh and stay aromatic. Unfortunately, the leaves can’t be kept in the freezer like to root so the only way to store the leaves is to keep them in the fridge like what I wrote in the method 1.

 “Sam-Glur” ( The Three amigos) Spice

Sam-glur spice is an options for coriander root. Basically it’s a dried coriander root blended into powder with garlic and pepper corn. It’s a very popular natural spice used widely among Thai people because it’a natural, easy, convenient and work as good as the fresh one. It’s very easy to store and last for a long time. This is my recommendation for everyone who lives abroad. It’s very handy to have and works great in every Thai dishes. 

Coriander root powder
Turn the root in to power and save for later use.