How to cook rice in a pot

How to cook rice in a pot – Thai rice 101

How to cook rice in a pot – Thai rice 101

Hello from Pana Napa Kitchen, And welcome to the 30days Thai basic with me. I’m so excited to get started on the first day! For the next 5 days I will be talking about basic essential Thai Ingredient that every Thai kitchen have. I will also include substitution and where to look for the products. In each class content for you guys. If you are interested to follow this course to receive class material, be sure to Sign-up here for weekly course material

The topic that I will cover today are:

  1. Why rice is an important element in Thai food culture
  2. Different kinds of Thai rice
  3. How to cook rice in a pot/ how to store rice/ how to use leftover rice

Rice is one of the first and the most important ingredient in Thai cuisine. In Thai we say rice is our live. And when say eating breakfast/lunch or dinner, we simply say let’s go eat rice together! Now you can see how important is the rice in Thai culture. Thai rice is very popular internationally because of its exceptional aromatic and perfect texture and volume that you can’t really find it from anywhere else.

How many different kinds of rice do we have?

Mainly we have 2 types, Jasmine rice and Glutinous or another name is sticky rice. Then these two branches out to many other different breath like whole grain red rice black rice and etc. Today we are just going to be focusing on the most popular type which is Jasmine white rice.Jasmine rice is named after its aroma. The grain is medium-long and the colour is off-white and slightly translucent.

Different kinds of Thai rice

How to store Jasmine rice?

To store the rice, simply put them into an airtight container or preferably vaccume bag. This is to prevent the rice from rice insects. If your rice has little black insects, which is quite common. I’t ok, they are clean and not harmful. You can spread your rice on a baking tray and sit your rice in the sun. They will eventually escape away.

Different types of Jasmine rice

White, red, brown, Black, and other whole grainHow to use:Steamed and boil to rice soup or congee

How to steam rice

Preparations method:

I will teach you the most traditional way of preparation and I will also give you a measurement guideline in your class material and in this post.

  1. Wash your rice 2-3 times until the water is clear.
  2. Measure your rice with your finger/ Measure your rice with standard ratio (explained below)

The myth of measuring rice with index finger and the theory behind

We don’t have measuring cup or scale in the old day so we use our finger as a guide line. Every rice needs different amount of water, eg. Grain rice needs more water, old and new rice also needs different amount of water. But in general, I like to cook mine at half of my finger measurement or around 1:1.5 white rice:water and 1:2 Whole grain rice: water. I don’t like my rice too soft. You can try it out and see which consistency you like and remember it. Try to keep using the same brand of rice so you know exactly how to cook it.

Standart measurments

  1. White jasmine rice: Water = 1:1.5
  2. Whole grain jasmine rice: Water = 1:2

How to cook rice in a rice cooker and in a pot?

1) Rice cooker-This method is very easy, you just need to put rice and water into the pot and press start.

2) Cook rice in a pot or sauce pan-This method requires a little bit more steps but it’s also not difficult. The steps are as follow:

2.1) Place rice and water into a pot and boil over medium heat with a lid on.

2.2) Once the rice is boiling, turn down the heat to medium-low and open the lid slightly to allow the air to go in and stir gently for 30 second.

2.3) When the water decreases until almost gone. Turn down the heat to 2. Don’t stir the rice and keep the lid completely close.

2.4) When the water is 100% gone, turn the heat to 1, keep the lid close, don’t stir the rice and let it sit there for about 10-12 mins. This is the steaming process.

2.5) Turn off the heat and use a wooden spoon or rice spoon to fluff up the rice. Serve while it’s still hot. Keep the lid close if you don’t finish eating them to prevent it from drying out.

How to store and use leftover rice

You can store them in your fridge. I wouldn’t store it for not more than 4 days. Fridged rice is perfect for making fried-rice because the grain is drier and separate from each other. When you fry-rice it won’t be sticky and it will fry beautifully. You can also re-steam your rice using a steamer or you can steam it in a pot also. Here is how to steamed rice in a pot without having a steamer.

The common ways to eat rice in Thailand

1) The most common Thai style is steamed rice with many different side dishes. You share side dishes with your friend and family but you have your own plate of rice.

2) Stir-fry rice3) Rice soup/ CongeeIf you can’t find jasmine rice, it’s ok to substitute with other kind of rice that’s available in your area. Any kind of rice is still going great with Thai dishes.I hope this first class give you some knowledge about Thai rice! Next time when you cook your rice, please share with me on this post or in my group Pananapa Thai kitchen community. If you are not a part of the group yet, please feel free to join us, I provide you the link in this post.

Ps. Tomorrow I will be talking about different uses of oil and sauces in Thai cuisine. Don’t forget to register to stay updated with the class, the link is also in this post. Bye!

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