Kaffir lime shampoo

Homemade Kaffir lime shampoo – Shampoo Ma-Krut

Kaffir lime shampoo

I have seen a lot of questions about what can you do with kaffir limes so I decided to share with you guys a few recipes of how to make products from kaffir limes.

At home, we use to make our own shampoo and cleaning products, we use acidic fruits, including pineapple, lime and kaffir lime for cleaning. For shampoo, we only use Kaffir lime because its essential oil is beneficial for the hair, it’s like a natural hair treatment. The normal lime doesn’t have the same quality, so it’s not possible to substitute kaffir lime with lime, when making shampoo.

Hair types and Kaffir lime shampoo

Will Kaffir lime shampoo work with dry hair?

For dry hair, you can use the peal only when you are making the shampoo and avoid the flesh because it contains acid, where the skin mainly contains essential oil.

What about greasy hair?

If your hair is greasy, you can use the whole kaffir lime to make shampoo. Though, you still need to remove the core (where the seeds live) because it doesn’t dissolve even after you boil for a few hours, therefore it will stay in little pieces on your head after you wash your hair.

What if your hair is greasy at the skull but the tips are dry?

So, this is my type…. I would make the shampoo with whole kaffir limes (seeds and core removed) and put a little bit of coconut oil at the end of my hair, after wash. It’s the perfect solution for me.

How to store the shampoo?

Kaffir lime shampoo can stay refrigerated for a year and it can stay outside the fridge for 2 months. The colour may go darker but, it’s still fine. Just check that it doesn’t go moldy.

I usually make a big batch and divide them into smaller bottles, and keep one in my bathroom to use.

Does Kaffir lime shampoo have bubbles?

No, it doesn’t because it’s purely natural and doesn’t have any bubble starter.

Can you make a drink from the Kaffir lime juice?

In Thailand, we wouldn’t make a drink like lemonade from Kaffir lime. We would use it for medical purpose:

1) Coughing: You can put a drop (a teaspoon) in a cup of hot water and sip the drink when you have a sore throat. It can also help refresh your body if you feel tired.

2) Kaffir lime cider: To make Kaffir lime cider, simply ferment the lime with sugar and place in a clean container and leave it there for 2+ months. Kaffir lime cider also helps heal sore throat as well.

Other products from Kaffir limes

At home we make cleaning products such as dishwashing detergent and laundry detergent from Kaffir lime cider. I will be writing recipes in the next posts, so stay tune! You can subscribe to stay updated with my content via here.

How to make Kaffir lime shampoo

1) Rinse Kaffir limes with clean water and let them dry.

2) Cut the lime – Cut them the way you like, but make sure to take out the core and seeds because these parts will leave fiber in the shampoo and therefore they will stick to your hair after washed.

3) Place the cut limes into a large pot and fill the pot with water, about 2-3 inches above the lime that you have.

4) Boil the lime until it goes soft and dark green. The juice inside the pot will turn green and lightly gooey. It will take a couple of hours or more, depend on the amount of kaffir lime that you put inside and the depth of your pot.

5) Leave them to cool down completely before blend them in a blender. Make sure to put some juice in the blender so it won’t be too thick. At this point, you can control the consistency of the shampoo. You can also add more water if you want the shampoo to be runny.

6)Filter the shampoo with clean cloth and try to squeeze as much liquid out as possible. Discard the flesh inside (I like to put them in compose heap).

7) Reheat the kaffir lime liquid over a double boiler pot to kill all the germs. They will last longer.

8) Store the shampoo in clean bottles and you can keep them in the fridge for a year or 2 months if you leave them outside in room temperature.

Alright! That is pretty much it for the recipe. I hope you enjoy making your own shampoo with the fresh Kaffir lime fruits at home!