Ginger – How to peel ,chop and julienne

Ginger – How to clean ,chop and julienne

Hi Guys!

It’s our ginger day today. I have been looking forward to write about this topic since last week. I still remember the moment when my grandma showed me how easy it’s to peel the root. Not a knife required!

In this post I will keep it simple and short. The topic that I will cover are:

  1. Different kinds of ginger and how to use them.
  2. How to peel Ginger
  3. Different kinds of cuts that is used in Asian food.

Different kinds of ginger and how to use them

There is only 1 type of ginger that we use in Thailand but we divide it into two different kinds which are the young and the old. Basically, the young ginger is the one harvested at an early stage and the old is harvested at later stage.

Why do we use them differently and what are their uniqueness?

Young Ginger

Young ginger has milder flavour than the old. The texture is crunchy, fresh, light and fine. It’s suitable for Julienning and sprinkle on top of a dish, or put in a stir-fry. Since young ginger is light, fine and less spicy, it’s nice to eat together with other ingredients. It gives a nice balance in flavour becuase of the heat and the aroma.

Old Ginger

Old ginger on the other hand. It’s tough, strong in flavour, and rough texture. Most of the time we use older ginger for aromatic purposes. For example, we would add them into soup stock or infuse into a stew dishes. After the dish is cooked we then remove it away because older ginger is very tough and not nice to eat.

How to peel ginger roots

Peeling ginger roots doesn’t require any special technique at all. In fact it’s probably one of the most easiest root to clean. The only tool you will need is a spoon.

To clean ginger and peel of the skin, you simply need to use your spoon scrape through the skin. Not too hard and not to light. Once you get start you will feel the motion and you will see how quick and easy it is.


Different kinds of cuts that is used in Asian food

  1. Bruise – This method is good for making ginger tea or ginger stock for many Asian-Style desserts.
  2. Thick slice – Thick slice is nice to add into a stew dish.
  3. Thin slice – I like to add this into steam fish dish or other dish that need less time to cook.
  4. julienne cut – This style of cutting is best for young ginger. It’s very nice to eat along with other flaovour in a dish. You want to cut it very thin, so it won’t overcome the other flavours.

That is all I have got for today! I hope you get some knowledge about ginger and hope you will have more fun when peeling ginger next time 🙂


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