Fried chilli oil

If you are hovering over Fried chilli oil recipes, you must be a chilli lovers!

Fried chilli oil is a nice condiments to add in noodle dishes. However it also works great for other dishes such as fried fish and Slow cook Pork. It’s up to your preference. You can add Fried chilli oil in your dish anytime as you feel like you needed a good kick of spicy flavour.

Fried chilli oil is mainly use in Thai style Vietnamese Noodle and it’s a popular dish in Thailand. We called it Guay-Teaw-Yuan. You can find recipe for the dish here.

Below is Thai chilli flakes. It’s slightly finer than Italian style and a lot more spicy. Of you live somewhere but South East Asia, you can this type of chilli flakes from Asian glossary store near your house or just go online in Amazon.

Fried chilli oil

Chilli oil is mainly use for adding extra kick of spicy flavour in noodle dishes.
Prep Time 2 mins
Cook Time 10 mins
Course Side Dish
Cuisine Thai
Servings 5


  • Small frying pan
  • Wooden Spade


  • 10 g Thai chilli flake
  • 50 – 80 g Coconut oil, or frying oil of your choice. If you are using coconut oil, make sure it's a hot-pressed kind. Cold-pressed coconut oil gives a very distinctive smell which isn't suitable for making chilli oil.


  • 1) Place oil and chilli in a small pan over medium heat.
  • 2) Stir consistently and observe the colour of the chilli.
    In the beginning you will see that the colour of chilli flakes are bright red. Once you keep stirring it, the colour will turn into darker red. Keep stirring for about 5 mins until the oil in the pan also turn to a darker red colour.
  • 3) Remove chilli and oil from frying pan and put it in a small bowl.Leave it till cool down.


1) Chilli oil is mainly use for adding extra kick of spicy flavour in noodle dishes. It’s best if you can fine a Thai Chill Flakes to achieve the best flavour.
2) Cooking time may vary depend on your chilli flakes. Please observe the colour while you are cooking.
3) You can keep chilli oil in an air tight jar and it will last for 1-2 months.
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