Different Kinds of Thai Mortar

Different kinds of Thai Mortar

Thai mortar and pestel usage

Have you ever wonder the difference use of each types of Mortar and Pestle? or if there is any difference at all?

Yes, each kind of mortar and pestle is designed for different use.

In this post I will be writing about:

  1. Different types of mortar and pestle in Thailand
  2. How to look after your mortar.

Different types of mortar and pestle in Thailand

We mainly have 2 types of Mortar and Pestle.

  1. Granite mortar and pestle
  2. Clay/wood mortar and wooden pestle

Granite mortar and pestle

This type of Mortar is made from whole block of granite stone. Everyone in Thailand knows that if you are going to get a Granite mortar, you need to get it from Ang-Sila area. They craft the best quality Mortar there.

Why do you nee a good quality mortar? Granite mortar is design to grind hard surface/ tough surface ingredients, therefore it needs a lot of power. If you are using bad mortar and pestle, you could end up breaking the pestle or having bits and pieces coming out of your mortar. Which isn’t very nice to eat is it?

The shape

The shape of this mortar is basically a cylinder+half sphere. The purpose is to allow ingredients move and rotate consistently while grinding.

As you can see in the image below, I demonstrate the sample usage of granite mortar for you.

Granite mortar

Clay/wood mortar and wooden pestle

Clay and wood mortar came from Northeast of Thailand.

This type of mortar and pestle have light-weight and its purpose is to bruise soft vegetable lightly and to mix them with dressing.

The shape

The shape looks like a funnel. It’s smaller at the bottom and larger at the top. The design is for allowing the dressing stays at the bottom without splashing to the top of the bowl. When you are using this kind of mortar to make papaya salad, you will need a spatula on the other hand to help rotating ingredients inside.

Clay mortar

Mini granite mortar

This one is just my favourite to share with you 🙂 It’s so handy and practical to have on your kitchen top.

I mainly use it to mash garlic and chilies for stir fry, oh and also to make sauces.

Mini granite mortar

How to look after your mortar and pestle

Granite mortar

Granite mortar mainly use for making pastes and grinding meats, therefore these ingredients leaves a strong smells and sometime difficult to clean.

Here is how we clean our granite mortar. First, fill the mortar with boiling water and leave it there for 15 minutes before cleaning. Another way to do it is to grind raw rice and leave it there for 15 minutes. Rice will help absorb smell and bring out little bits and pieces that sticks to the mortar. After 15 minute, just wash and let it dry as usual.

A quick note, do’t add any citric or acidic ingredients and leave them in your granite mortar for too long. It will eat up the stone and thus, when you grind, there will be stone bits coming out.

Cay and wood mortar

To clean clay and wood mortar, simply wash them with detergent and let them dry in the sun completely before storing them. It’s important to dry well and make sure to turn it up side down but leave gabs between to floor. This will help prevent mold from growing inside and prevent un wanted smell.