Hey there! Thanks for visiting my Thai Kitchen!

If you’re just tipping your toes into Thai cuisine, the land of smile, and are wondering how to actually cook Thai food like a local Thai, with strategy explained, then you’re in the right place!

Why am I creating cooking classes? Because I don’t believe in the idea of “you need to have all of the ingredients and know all the skills to be able to create a Thai dish, or you need to be Thai or be in Thailand” Thai food is free-style when it comes to ingredients, full of flavours and flexible.

Thai food is made to bring joy to life, to be experimental and bringing a new taste to your home.

My cooking class will outline a simple step-by-step method for creating your Thai dish like a local Thai, which will bring out different perspective toward your Thai dish.

First, let’s get cooking with confidence and once in place you will see that Thai food is very diverse, very adaptable and there is no ending with new recipes you can create.

If you are ready to learn how to cook Thai and want to bring new tastes to your kitchen, then I have a gift for you.
I’m launching my first cooking class this month and would like to invite you to join me for free! Simply sign-up below.
See you in the class 🙂