Baby Green Peppercorn Stir-fry fish

Baby Green Peppercorn Stir-fry fish

Baby Green Peppercorn Stir-fry fish – The Peppercorn story

Hi guys! Here I’m again.

From the last time that I posted asking you guys about “what is the difficulty about cooking Thai food”. I received an answer to write a recipe that includes Baby pepper corn, so, I went back and get some baby pepper corn in a local market close to my house and create a recipe for you guys.

In this post I will be introducing to you about different kinds of Thai Pepper corns and how to use them in cooking. It doesn’t have to be done in a certain way but you just need to understand the nature of its flavour, texture and taste. When you understand the anatomy, you will be able to use it to compliment other ingredients in different dishes.

Different kinds of Thai Peppercorns

Let’s talk about the peppercorn fruits. So, at the first stage when it fruit is raw, it has a green colour, as it getting ripe, it turns to read, brown and then black when it’s completely dried.

In Thai food, we mainly use 3 different types of pepper corn and they are black white and green.

These 3 guys came from the same plant but they are harvested at different stage as I mentioned earlier about peppercorn fruits lifetime.

The Green peppercorn

The Green peppercorn or baby pepper corn is harvested at an early stage, we use them in many dishes. The primary dish is seafood especially dishes that has oyster. Secondary dish is meat dishes.

Why? Because Green pepper has a strong fragrance (fresh, light and citrusy), mustardy, an abrupt spiciness taste. It also leaves a warm feeling after taste like black pepper.

This flavour and aroma help reduce the fishy smell from any kind of seafood and also it helps to compliment the heaviness of the seafood texture.

Most of the time, baby peppercorn is paired with fresh chilli and Thai sweet basil + other vegetable and proteins of the chef choice.

Another thing that baby green pepper corn is unique for is it helps with digestion. It’s also another reason why a lot of stir-fry meat dishes have baby pepper corn as an ingredient. Basically, what it does is, it prevents your stomach from bloating which also causes the aching and pain.

Black and White Peppercorn

Black and white pepper corn are the same thing. Only the white one is a peeled version of the black.

Black peppercorn is harvested when the peppercorn is ripe and dried. That is why it has a wrinkly skin.

In Thai cuisine, we use white and finely grounded peppercorn to garnish and seasoned in a lot of dishes such as, noodle dishes, rice soup, marinate, stir-fry vegetable and other clear soup dishes. We use white grounded pepper corn because it has a very fine and light body and therefore it doesn’t add too much of a texture to distract the other ingredient in the dish. The main purpose of adding white peppercorn is to add the light warm spiciness and delicate aroma to the dish. It’s a kind of ingredient that just make the food taste better and more complete without really knowing that it’s there.

What about black peppercorn?

Black peppercorn is more distinctive and stronger in flavour because of the aroma in the skin (the black wrinkly part) That’s why you keep the peppercorn as a whole and only ground it when you need to use them.

How to use black peppercorn? Black pepper corn is used in many dishes in the South of Thailand. The Southern people use black pepper corn in curry pastes, stir-fry fish dishes and more. In the South of Thailand, fish and seafood is one of the main proteins because most of the land is right next to the sea. Many curries and stir-fries have seafood as a part of the ingredient; therefore, many dishes have a lot of strong aroma and flavour herbs, including black peppercorn, to compliment the dish.

Many stir-fry dishes that has black peppercorn as a title won’t have any other spiciness as part of the ingredient because the heat of the black peppercorn is already mild. Other ingredients that goes together with stir-rfry black peppercorn is yellow-white onion, spring onion and bell pepper.

To wrap-up this post,

The differences between black and green peppercorn are:

  • Black pepper corn has a heavier warm, spiciness after taste than the green
  • The green has that light, fresh, citrusy and mustardy taste, that the black doesn’t ‘have
  • Green peppercorn is used as a fresh herb where black pepper corn is a dried spice.I hope you have got some ideas on how to use the green baby peppercorn and add and play around with it. Personally, it’s one of my favourite herbs to use and to eat because it’s so fresh and makes my tummy happy after the meal.
Baby Green Peppercorn Stir-fry fish
Baby Green Peppercorn Stir-fry fish

[lt_recipe name=”Baby Green Peppercorn Stir-fry fish” servings=”2″ total_time=”40 MINS” print=”yes” ingredients=”1) 300 g. Minced white fish meat skin removed – or other meat of your choice such as chicken/beef/prawn/pork;2) 1 1/2 Tbsp. Garlic mashed and roughly chopped;3) 10 Mouth-drop chili roughly chopped;4) Half of a large red chili sliced to decorate the dish;5) One handful coriander/Cilantro roughly chop to garnish;6) 2 Tbsp soy sauce;7) 1 Tbsp dark sweet soy sauce;8) Salt to taste;9) 2 Tbsp cooking vegetable or hot-pressed coconut oil (I like to use this one);10)3 pieces of baby peppercorn half choped, and break away 2 of the pieces the take just the pepper corn and discard the stems” ]1) Put a wok on your stove and turn heat it up to medium-high;2) Put garlic in and follow by mouth-drop chili – stir-fry quickly and don’t let them burn. Stir-fry for about 30 sec or until fragrance, this is depend on the heat of your stove.;3) Add the meat and stir-fry until the meat is cooked;4) Add half of the sliced red chili and turn off the stove;5) Serve the dish over steamed rice and garnish with coriander and the rest of the sliced chili.;;Note* You can served this dish as a side dish or a single dish. If you serve as a single dish, it’s also goes well with a fried egg on the top 🙂 [/lt_recipe]