Hey there, I’m Napa. Nice to meet you!

I’m a creative Thai cuisine chef and I like to cook with herbs

I came from a Thai-Hainanese family and was born and raised in Thailand.

I started to cook for my family since I was 11 years old because my parents were busy with their work and didn’t have much time to cook for the family. After a few years of living in many different countries, I decided to pursue my dream of become a chef. I was lucky enough to get to travel to different places in Europe and Asia and work as a private chef. It’s a privilege to meet different people who inspired me and allow me to expand my culinary skills and knowledge.

I’m not a Michelin-star chef, I’ve never been through a culinary training school. But how did I become a chef?  For me, it takes time, experience, love, passion, courage, and care to get started with. There isn’t really a bad or good tasting food in my opinion. Food is a kind of art; it depends on personal taste, to judge whether the food is good or not.  If you give time to the food, you will develop experience and grow in your own authentic way.

My cuisine is Thai cooking with creativity. Always be creative, curious and confident. I enjoy exploring the anatomy of ingredients and combine them together to create a wonderful dish, despite the rule of authenticity, or what people say “Authentic food”. My kind of authentic is my own experience mixed well together with the ingredients that’s available, and tell the story through the food.

In the past 15 years of experience, I’ve learned that there is always going to be people who appreciate your cooking creation, people that will enjoy tasting your dish. So, be confident, always curious to learn new things, be open minded and keep cooking 🙂


About Pana Napa Kitchen

Pana Thai Kitchen is designed to be a journey through Thai cuisine and Thai food cultures. My cooking is focusing on wholesome ingredients which are also locally produced, but not a strict diet plan. My recipes will allow people to be creative with their cooking and have a good time with family by sharing cooking experience and fresh homemade food. 

I also write about Thai cultures; local food and local produces. I would like to keep a document of all these traditions before they are gone.

Lastly, thank you for visiting my website. If you have any questions or would like me to post about a specific dish, please feel free to email me and I will make sure to post it for you. Have a great day and enjoy your cooking 🙂


Pana Napa