Cooking Thai food isn’t difficult as you think! let me show you how to cook a Thai dish in your very own kitchen.


Welcome to my Thai Kitchen

Welcome to Pana Napa Kitchen! If you are here, you must be curious to learn more about Thai cooking!
I can’t wait to show you how easy it’s to cook Thai food, to taste like local Thai restaurant, and even better!  

A little bit about myself. I’m a local Thai chef, from the south of Thailand. I’m not a Michelin Star chef,  I cook hearty Thai dishes, in home cook style, for my loved ones, and that is how I will be teaching you 


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Thai Curry Kit

Quick and easy way to start cooking Thai food without having to worry about Lemongrass and Galangal. Plus Thai curry recipes from Pana Napa Kitchen for your Thai night ideas.

What do our friends think?

Here are quick reviews from my customers. Thank you for being part of my Thai Kitchen 🙂 You are the one keep inspired me to do what I love!

Thanks Pana Napa Kitchen for your premium curry pastes! I really enjoyed making curry and I had a special dinner with my family. I highly recommend Thanks Pana Napa Kitchen curry paste especially the spicy southern one is my favorite of all time!:)
Everything about Pana Napa Kitchen classes on line is great!! We have learnt a lot. Great Chef, great teacher, great recipes!!! Thank you

Let's cook Thai food together

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